Release notes

Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.2-rc-2 - Text format


  • [PT-1682] - Users should be able to zoom and pan the printed pedigree to better fit on paper


  • [PT-2065] - JS errors related to bad CSS selectors triggered when editing patient records
  • [PT-2074] - Inconsistent indentation in the Allergies list
  • [PT-2077] - The ability to push patients to another server is no longer available
  • [PT-2080] - Unable to add notes on "affected" cancer after reload if notes field was blank before reload
  • [PT-2098] - The local OMIM Information Content score can no longer be computed




  • [PT-1917] - Reword parts of cancer section in pedigree editor
  • [PT-2058] - Phenotype search should regain focus after selecting suggestion
  • [PT-2087] - The comments box should appear in all tabs of a node's menu
  • [PT-2089] - BOADICEA pedigree export: non-monozyg. twins should be exported as siblings
  • [PT-2097] - Display only the official title for OMIM diseases

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