Release notes

Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.2-rc-1 - Text format


  • [PT-1360] - "RP1" gene not indexed (well) by GeneNameService
  • [PT-1639] - In "Login" page password field is not outlined with blue when on-focus
  • [PT-1674] - Gene search does not find gene 'T'
  • [PT-1729] - The pedigree editor fails to load when using PhenoTips behind a reverse proxy via mod_proxy_http
  • [PT-1837] - Phenotype configuration preview is broken
  • [PT-1870] - When selecting multiple consecutive custom terms, in view mode they appear all in the same row
  • [PT-1880] - Record locking doesn't actually work when installed using the extension manager
  • [PT-1881] - The medication data extension cannot be installed using the extension manager
  • [PT-1884] - In case the specifity score fails to compute, the score widget keeps showing as loading
  • [PT-1885] - Spinning icons aren't spinning anymore
  • [PT-1891] - When death date is checked as unknown exported patient JSON still has the last entered date of death
  • [PT-1896] - When marking the patient as deceased at an unknown date in the patient record, it is still shown alive in the pedigree
  • [PT-1900] - Undo does not work for some changes in pedigree editor
  • [PT-1920] - When refreshing the all data table, filtering by phenotypes doesn't work anymore
  • [PT-1944] - PatientDataControllers send logger error messages when a new patient is created
  • [PT-2048] - When using dd-MM-yyyy as the date format in the pedigree, the day selector wrongly preserves the selected value between different individuals
  • [PT-2055] - Selecting two distant "Assisted reproduction" options will display a large space in view mode
  • [PT-2060] - HGNC vocabulary does not properly search genes by alternative IDs
  • [PT-2061] - IE9 reports some JS errors when loading the patient edit page

New Feature

  • [PT-1828] - New Perinatal questions: maternal and paternal age at birth
  • [PT-1829] - New Perinatal question: Multiple Gestation
  • [PT-1833] - Add support for recording allergies
  • [PT-1836] - New Family History question: “Other living affected relatives?”
  • [PT-1901] - New plain black and white color scheme for pedigree nodes
  • [PT-2045] - Add support for recording mother's obstetric history


  • [PT-1945] - Growth charts generated using the latest WHO data
  • [PT-2050] - Display more prenatal, neonatal and perinatal phenotypes


  • [PT-1879] - Remove the rpm-rh6 distribution
  • [PT-1886] - Upgrade to FontAwesome 4.3
  • [PT-1890] - Add life status to the exported JSON
  • [PT-1911] - Upgrade to XWiki 7.1.2
  • [PT-1915] - Suppress cast warnings in AbstractComplexController
  • [PT-1919] - Rename test filename to reflect the class it is testing
  • [PT-1926] - Add exception message to logger errors in PatientDataControllers
  • [PT-2062] - Remove support for defining phenotype mappings in Groovy


  • [PT-1159] - HGNC should be indexed locally for better performance and one less external server dependency
  • [PT-1269] - Add a scrollbar to template selector in pedigree editor
  • [PT-1683] - Display age of diagnosis for cancers
  • [PT-1700] - Case owner/reporter/editor should be links to user profile pages
  • [PT-1816] - Display suggested phenotypes in a browsable list of pages
  • [PT-1821] - Warning in measurements section is alarming
  • [PT-1922] - Link to OMIM description for the selected diagnosis in view mode
  • [PT-2022] - Ability to add notes to cancers in pedigree
  • [PT-2033] - Add support for using different XClasses than PatientClass in the AbstractComplexController
  • [PT-2056] - Add "Intrauterine insemination (IUI)" as an "Assisted reproduction" option

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