Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.4.6 - HTML format


  • [PT-3890] - Deleted nodes are not fully removed and block drag actions
  • [PT-3946] - When a patient is imported via JSON an empty PubmedID is not discarded
  • [PT-3962] - Exception thrown when trying to upgrade to 1.4.5
  • [PT-3963] - The pedigree patient form section can cause configurations for other parts of the form to stop working
  • [PT-3964] - Quotes in user's name break the pedigree editor
  • [PT-3966] - Fetch correct group name in owner contact provider
  • [PT-3967] - SolvedData throws NullPointerException on JSON import
  • [PT-3968] - Modifying a group name is not reflected on patient/match table
  • [PT-3970] - If a gene name contains a colon Solr queries searching for the gene fail
  • [PT-3971] - BOADICEA export breaks if an individual has a date of death specified without a year
  • [PT-3974] - Incorrect access rights shown in UI
  • [PT-3975] - Matchable visibility is undefined on detailed access rights table
  • [PT-3976] - Filtering by collaborator is not working in a workgroup's "Shared cases" tab
  • [PT-3980] - Study descriptions are not rendered in the study selection dialog
  • [PT-3981] - After visiting or while pressing a "secondary action" link, the text becomes white and therefore unreadable in the default color theme


  • [PT-3965] - PhenoTips 1.4.x builds have two batik versions present (1.8 and 1.10)


  • [PT-3991] - Add the ability to set the livetable backend to a custom url

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