Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.4.2 - HTML format


  • [PT-3882] - ContactInfo does not parse a string with multiple emails
  • [PT-3884] - In the audit logs table the dates are displayed wrongly
  • [PT-3892] - Work groups with quotation marks, & or < in their name in their name break the suggest functionality
  • [PT-3894] - XML attributes and content are not properly escaped
  • [PT-3899] - $family.getId() ($family.getExternalId()) is sometimes displayed instead of the family identifier in the Patient directory
  • [PT-3901] - Study descriptions may break the layout of the study page if the DESCRIPTION text does not end in a newline
  • [PT-3902] - The reset password page has a typo in the label for re-entering the new password
  • [PT-3903] - When a new variant is added in the Genes/Variants table, the variant table title does not display the gene name
  • [PT-3906] - Wrong PhenoTips version reported in pedigrees


  • [PT-3905] - Better button text for study selection dialog when creating a new record

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