Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.4.1 - HTML format


  • [PT-3821] - SimpleJSON representation of pedigrees is incompatible between PhenoTips 1.3 and 1.4 when cancers are included
  • [PT-3865] - When the family template already specifies a default owner, new families end up having two owners
  • [PT-3872] - Sometimes livetable's "Loading" animation disapears before the data is actualy loaded
  • [PT-3877] - Wrong phenotips version reported in jsons exported from PhenomeCentral
  • [PT-3878] - Solved status does not return correctly
  • [PT-3880] - The standalone and DMG packages do not run on Java 11
  • [PT-3881] - Pedigree editor may fail to load some pedigrees with multi-generation relationships


  • [PT-3873] - Built-in suggestions for groups should only suggest PhenoTips work groups
  • [PT-3874] - Allow disabling filters on the All Families table
  • [PT-3875] - Remove non-negative ID filter for improved table performance
  • [PT-3876] - Improve data table performance by not using substring match for visibility filters

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