Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.4-rc-4 - HTML format


  • [PT-3824] - Creating a new family member using the "Add family member" button in pedigree editor does not add new patient to the family
  • [PT-3826] - Switching languages while editing patient record causes strange behaviour
  • [PT-3840] - Server logs are flooded with "deprecated parseContent" warnings
  • [PT-3844] - Reindexing ORDO always fails
  • [PT-3845] - Changing a vocabulary source doesn't work
  • [PT-3846] - Broken "Is a type of" displayed in the term info box for ORDO terms
  • [PT-3847] - After reindexing ORDO, the vocabulary version is no longer known
  • [PT-3848] - Reindexing ORDO with the default source URL always ends up with a very old version of ORDO

New Feature

  • [PT-3829] - Enable auditing push events


  • [PT-3822] - Text mining should be available as an extension rather than part of PhenoTips install
  • [PT-3837] - Clarify the meaning of the "CNP" variant classification in the Copy Number Variants section


  • [PT-2520] - Make the SVG output of the pedigree editor scrollable
  • [PT-3851] - The XAR export on family pages should include the records for all family members

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