Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.4-rc-2 - HTML format


  • [PT-3690] - Subgroup members should be able to see main group members and shared cases
  • [PT-3721] - Consanguinity should only be changed if it is not previously set, but detected in the pedigree
  • [PT-3750] - Misleading error message when assigning record with view only rights to a pedigree
  • [PT-3763] - Permissions changes cannot be saved by users who can't transfer ownership
  • [PT-3764] - Group managers can no longer transfer ownership of cases owned by their groups
  • [PT-3766] - Unable to import PED and BOADICEA files
  • [PT-3773] - When the pedigree thumbnail size is medium or large, family members list overlaps it and pedigree actions are displayed at the bottom on narrow screens


  • [PT-3663] - Merge the Case Resolution and Diagnosis sections


  • [PT-3747] - Suggest widget in Audit does not respond to keyboard selection
  • [PT-3772] - Add missing translations for livetable columns
  • [PT-3776] - Adjust alignment of family members list
  • [PT-3805] - Allow specifying more than one pubmed ID in the Diagnosis section


  • [PT-3678] - Improve the look of Diagnosis section after merge with Solved section
  • [PT-3767] - Unable to import BOADICEA file
  • [PT-3768] - PED and BOADICEA import/export problem when node IDs have non-alphanumeric symbols

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