Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.3.3 - HTML format


  • [PT-3275] - Improve info text in pedigree legend box


  • [PT-2804] - All families should only list current user's families
  • [PT-2815] - Family updates and patient JSON updates should be performed under the correct user
  • [PT-2824] - Families shared with me are missing some families with shared patients
  • [PT-3272] - Upon deletion of a pedigree node, its carrier genes are still present in the legend
  • [PT-3315] - Phenotypes from the predefined list disappear from phenotype selection after JSON import from edit mode
  • [PT-3319] - Long custom entries in the genes table cause layout issues
  • [PT-3320] - Pedigree node hover boxes do not fade out when they should in some cases
  • [PT-3321] - Drop-down autocomplete doesn't follow the search bar in pedigree editor
  • [PT-3338] - In the excel export, paternal ethnicity should be left, maternal ethnicity should be right
  • [PT-3345] - When importing a new patient, a new owner object is created even if the owner already exists
  • [PT-3353] - Terms added from the ontology browser are always added in the main clinical symptoms section, regardless of where the browser was triggered from
  • [PT-3355] - Some functionality is broken in IE9 (most notably pedigree editor can not be opened)
  • [PT-3357] - In pedigree editor do not show A&W options on hoverboxes for patients which are read-only for current user
  • [PT-3385] - Unauthenticated users can't save new pedigree
  • [PT-3408] - Wrong failure reported when guest users delete their records
  • [PT-3416] - Loading spinner doesn't display properly in export modal
  • [PT-3438] - Pedigree editor breaks when using non-default date input format


  • [PT-3248] - Rename "disorders" to "final diagnosis" in pedigree editor
  • [PT-3377] - Remove negative phenotypes from Gene panel section

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