Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.3-milestone-6 - HTML format


  • [PT-2874] - Retrieve the list of genes and their counts from HPO terms via REST API for given patientID
  • [PT-2875] - Create new section for suggested genes
  • [PT-2876] - Modify order of sections on the patient form
  • [PT-2879] - Create HPO terms/gene mapping
  • [PT-2970] - Allow export of generated gene counts data in TSV format
  • [PT-2983] - Use VocabularyExtensions when searching for matching terms
  • [PT-2995] - Display the gene panels section in view mode
  • [PT-3048] - Add APIs for working with XLIFF translation files
  • [PT-3049] - Add a vocabulary extension that fills in translations from XLIFF files
  • [PT-3058] - Display vocabulary terms in the current language
  • [PT-3066] - Modify the vocabulary schemas to allow dynamic schema changes at runtime
  • [PT-3067] - Add support for the Spanish translation of HPO


  • [PT-2865] - Pedigree export dialog does not fit on the screen if PED export is selected and there are many traits recorded in the family
  • [PT-2973] - Pedigree export dialog lists PED export options for other export types in some cases
  • [PT-3015] - After removing an A&W node, the A&W label stays in the pedigree
  • [PT-3021] - Cancel button doesn't work on All patient records/Export
  • [PT-3022] - No matching records shown in All patients records/Export
  • [PT-3031] - Selection tools (All, None, Invert, Restore) are absent in the Export excel/JSON dialog
  • [PT-3032] - A&W symbol and adoption brackets overlap for females
  • [PT-3057] - Reindexing HPO version 2017-01-23 results in many terms showing {has_synonym_type=layperson} in their name
  • [PT-3059] - Variants not properly imported when doing 1.3M1 to 1.3M5 JSON import


  • [PT-2177] - Convert patient features and disorders into controllers
  • [PT-2780] - Generate list of corresponding genes based on the HPO terms entered in the patient record
  • [PT-3043] - Improve ethnicities search

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