Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.3-rc-1 - HTML format


  • [PT-2536] - Assign patient to the family modal improvement
  • [PT-3062] - Move the HPO-Gene mapping code into a vocabulary extension
  • [PT-3063] - Gene panels code cleanup
  • [PT-3068] - Add API methods for getting the translated name and definition of vocabulary terms
  • [PT-3069] - Vocabulary term parents aren't displayed as translated
  • [PT-3074] - Add support for Italian translations of HPO
  • [PT-3134] - Disable gene panel suggestions by default
  • [PT-3136] - Add support for French translations of HPO


  • [PT-2545] - Reindexing OMIM fails
  • [PT-2679] - The VCF UIX needlessly saves the patient record upon creation
  • [PT-2862] - In pedigree, the order of the proband parents should ALWAYS be father-left mother-right
  • [PT-2954] - Allow dragging a person from the family-studies person legend to a node of a different sex
  • [PT-3012] - Internal id and birth/death dates cannot be blanked in pedigree editor
  • [PT-3014] - Unable to import a pedigree with parents of the same gender
  • [PT-3016] - When creating a new patient in pedigree, selecting "do not show this warning again" doesn't work
  • [PT-3018] - Incorrect gene sugestions when entering incomplete ensembl IDs
  • [PT-3033] - Comments associated with empty gene entries in 1.2.x are lost upon migration to 1.3
  • [PT-3070] - "Assign patient to a family" modal isn't completely translated
  • [PT-3071] - Images and documents entered as phenotype details are not displayed correctly in view mode
  • [PT-3073] - Custom phenotypes are displayed in the the suggest gene and diagnosis panel as $forech.fname
  • [PT-3079] - Unable to create/update patient record with phenotypes without specifying nonstandard_features[] through REST API
  • [PT-3087] - Cannot transfer ownership to groups containing " or ~ in their name
  • [PT-3089] - Groups with ~ in their name are displayed without the ~ on the homepage
  • [PT-3090] - Studies with ~ in their name are displayed without ~ on patient records using them and in the administration
  • [PT-3091] - There's no easy way to edit a study
  • [PT-3092] - XML special characters in study names break the study selection UI
  • [PT-3103] - When pedigree node menu does not fit on screen completely and has a scroll bar there are UI usability issues
  • [PT-3124] - Invisible comments for negative phenotypes
  • [PT-3129] - "Save or keep editing" dialogue in pedigree is corrupted in some cases
  • [PT-3132] - Death status is incorrectly presented/formatted in pedigree editor

New Feature

  • [PT-2978] - Add support for translated vocabularies


  • [PT-1950] - Support ORPHANET Vocabulary
  • [PT-1986] - Diagnosis section - Working clinical diagnosis separate from Molecularly confirmed diagnosis


  • [PT-1847] - Add support for indexing OWL ontologies
  • [PT-2291] - Upper bound for number of children should be eliminated
  • [PT-3060] - Create patient-contacts component to manage patient contacts info


  • [PT-2843] - On the Family page, the family identifier label and the corresponding field should be closer
  • [PT-2946] - Improve language in the Pedigree export dialog
  • [PT-2963] - Make language and look of the Push modal more user friendly
  • [PT-2977] - Auto-save patient data only if there are changes
  • [PT-3013] - Pedigree editor form improvements
  • [PT-3061] - Annotate ORPHANET disorders with HPO symptoms
  • [PT-3078] - Explain what is going to be DOWNLOADed in the Gene Panels section
  • [PT-3084] - Create "carrier" gene status option (Genotype info>list of genes)
  • [PT-3096] - Add support for carrier genes in pedigree editor
  • [PT-3099] - Simplify the vocabularies REST API paths
  • [PT-3101] - Add support for searching for families in the header search box
  • [PT-3115] - Paternal ethnicity should be left, maternal ethnicity should be right
  • [PT-3116] - Correct Active Groups' "Read More" string
  • [PT-3135] - Redesign Administration: Vocabulary Index page

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