Release Notes - PhenoTips - Version 1.3-milestone-4 - HTML format


  • [PT-2472] - Add Import JSON option to the action menu
  • [PT-2473] - Bulk Import button on Browse All Data
  • [PT-2579] - Pedigree editor should allow any node to have any gender
  • [PT-2848] - Menu options on Family page omitted in translation
  • [PT-2854] - Server-side search for exact gene match if no item selected from dropdown
  • [PT-2861] - Adopted out individuals should be able to have children and partners
  • [PT-2919] - Take the "enabled" parameter into account when displaying extensions that are part of sections in the family form
  • [PT-2920] - For family form sections, use the "enabled" parameter instead of the "disabled" parameter
  • [PT-2921] - Allow extensions after the patient form to be disabled
  • [PT-2922] - Allow extensions after the family form to be disabled
  • [PT-2923] - For extensions displayed before the patient form content, use the "enabled" parameter instead of the "disabled" parameter
  • [PT-2924] - For extensions displayed before the family form content, use the "enabled" parameter instead of the "disabled" parameter


  • [PT-2712] - Phenotype Selector Bug when using Browse Related Terms
  • [PT-2832] - Cannot create PersonGroup from a relationship in pedigree editor
  • [PT-2833] - "Affected" and the first "Confirmed gene" use the exact same color in the pedigree
  • [PT-2846] - Header menus appear on top of modals
  • [PT-2851] - After linking an existing patient to an individual in the pedigree, phenotype and diseases names will not be correctly displayed in node menu
  • [PT-2855] - When performing an undo and redo of patient unlinking in pedigree editor, patient data is not correctly loaded
  • [PT-2858] - Push dialog displays text in language that is not chosen
  • [PT-2870] - Delete dialog looks incomplete on Mac (chrome, safari)
  • [PT-2871] - Delete patient and family functionality is broken
  • [PT-2890] - Comments are not saved for pedigree nodes linked to patients
  • [PT-2891] - When switching languages, some bits of the UI remain in the previous language until a browser cache refresh
  • [PT-2895] - Cannot choose Admin Export options anymore
  • [PT-2896] - Switching to another language makes name fields hidden in the pedigree node form
  • [PT-2902] - OpenPatientRecord service creates duplicate patient records owned by different users
  • [PT-2905] - BOADICEA export is broken in some cases
  • [PT-2906] - Genes without a "strategy" and variants without "evidence" cause subsequent cells in the Excel export to be shifted left
  • [PT-2907] - Ethnicities header shifted left when selecting only one type of ethnicities to include in the Excel export
  • [PT-2908] - Apgar header only covers one of the two Apgar columns in Excel export
  • [PT-2909] - Assisted Reproduction header is always included in the Excel export, even when no relevant fields are selected
  • [PT-2910] - Donor Egg and Donor Sperm values are swapped in the Excel export
  • [PT-2911] - Clinically Normal indication is inverted in the Excel export
  • [PT-2912] - Trying to edit the patient form configuration for an unsaved study leads to "document not found" page
  • [PT-2913] - Only the lower half of the logo in the header is clickable
  • [PT-2914] - When exporting patients without prenatal phenotypes, subsequent cells are shifted to the right
  • [PT-2916] - Gene names are editable after save&view+edit even if the gene has associated variants, which may cause the variants to "disappear"
  • [PT-2931] - Workgroup images are broken until a group is edited
  • [PT-2935] - Chart reference missing for "Head circumference 2 to 20 years"
  • [PT-2937] - Encrypted properties are not actually stored as encrypted in the database
  • [PT-2941] - The pedigree workspace does not get adjusted vertically on window resize

New Feature

  • [PT-2904] - Support for new internal pedigree format (part 1)


  • [PT-1974] - Permit same-sex partnerships
  • [PT-2099] - Make the Excel export translatable
  • [PT-2849] - Complete translation


  • [PT-1779] - Growth Chart link broken for patients out of age range (view mode)
  • [PT-2155] - Migrate old family studies data
  • [PT-2461] - Expose JSON Import in the user interface
  • [PT-2483] - 2 Save buttons on Administration: Receive Patient config
  • [PT-2836] - Saving a pedigree while the user is no longer authenticated displays uninformative error message
  • [PT-2838] - Hide consent warning if there are no sections to display in view mode
  • [PT-2841] - Remove PEDIGREE text from Family's page Pedigree section
  • [PT-2864] - Remove unnecessary restrictions in pedigree editor
  • [PT-2883] - Add chromosome, start position, end position and reference genome as fields for variants
  • [PT-2893] - Adjust fields alignment and font size in the extended variant fields
  • [PT-2915] - Update the list of supported languages in the administration
  • [PT-2917] - Sections and fields should be marked as disabled in patient/family forms in a consistent manner
  • [PT-2948] - Remove PedigreeClass object from PatientTemplate

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