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Infantile/childhood/juvenile onsets disappeared from Global age of onset field


As shown below, the infantile/childhood/juvenile onsets have disappeared in some PhenoTips instances:

The issue appears to be caused by the way the Onset branch of the HPO was reorganized in the latest (2018-12-21) release. Specifically, Infantile [HP:0003593], Childhood [HP:0011463], and Juvenile [HP:0003621] onsets are now children of a new term, Pediatric onset [HP:0410280].

The HPOBranchDisplayer only displays top-level terms, so the absence of this new term causes all three children to not appear. The new term, "HP:0410280", needs to be added to the PhenoTips.PatientClass global_age_of_onset list of terms, as well as in the PhenoTips.PhenotypeMetaClass.




Orion Buske


Orion Buske