Users have the ability to specify default permissions for the data they submit


A new entry in the menu on the user profile page allows to specify default permissions:

The preferences will be stored in XWiki.ConfigurationClass objects in the user profile page (see also Technical information for PT-3780).

XWiki.ConfigurationClass has two free-text (String) fields: property and value. The permissions preferences will be stored in a user profile as follows:

  • Property=defaultWorkgroup / value = <a workgroup reference>. Example: defaultWorkgroup / xwiki:Groups.BloodDisorders . Allows to use preferences from one of the user’s workgroups.

  • Property=defaultOwner / value = <a user or workgroup referece>. Example: defaultOwner / xwiki:XWiki:John .

  • Property=defaultVisibility / value = <a visibility level configured on the current installation>. Example: defaultVisibility / matchable

  • Property=defaultCollaborator / value = <a user or workgroup referece>[^<access level>]. Level can be view, edit, manage. If level is missing or is invalid, the default is view. Examples:
    defaultCollaborator / xwiki:Groups.BloodDisorders^manage
    defaultCollaborator / xwiki:XWiki.Mary

As per team discussion on Friday, June 20

Data entry settings should be a radio button with two options:

  • Use my group’s preferences

  • Use my preferences

If Use my preferences is selected, show Default permissions options.

The defaults for the Use my Preference option from Profile’s Data entry form should be:

  • default owner is the user ( on Mary’s profile Mary’s username should be shown by default))

  • private for global visibility

  • no default for collaborators and study




Veronika Koltunova


Marta Girdea



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