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Bugs in pedigree patient drop legend and unlinked patient handling


A few issues are identified with the legend\unlinked patients:

  • problems dragging a patient when node menu is opened

  • if a new patient is created from within pedigree, and then the pedigree is re-created from a template or import data, the last created patient is assigned as the proband
    (To fix: the problem is on this line which returns `this._patientData` instead of empty object)

  • if a category ("new" or "unlinked") is ever displayed, it is never hidden again, even if empty

  • the patient legend may overlap abnormalities legend if abnormalities legend is expanded (and there is an abnormality with a long name)

  • patient data is not saved upon un-linking even though legend UI suggests otherwise:
    1) assign a newly created patient to a node, give it a name
    2) unlink the patient. The name will be displayed in patient drop legend
    3) drag to a blank node. The name is now lost (all other data is also lost, but that is at least less noticeable than the name, which is shown in the legend, but disappears on assignment)

  • related o the above: each time a patient is dragged and dropped, the state of the patient is re-read from PT via a REST call (adding an unnecessary delay), even though
    a) the data is already cached in memory
    b) it may have been modified, but the changes were lost upon unlinking, as described above
    (to fix: save the current state of the patient upon unlinking, using the same conversion which is used for saving - this may only be easy to fix in 1.4.x after PT-3431. and has to be left "as is" in 1.3.x)

  • related to the above: if a new patient is created for a node with some disorders, then the patient is unlinked, then undo is pressed, the node will lose disorder data and will instead gain yellow "affected" status, which is strange since undo produced a state never seen before. The easy fix is the same as above, and can only be easily done after





Andrew Misyura


Andrew Misyura



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