Enable support for free-text diagnoses in patient form and in pedigree editor


Reported by a client:

When we open a pre-existing pedigree where the proband has a diagnosis entered as free text under “Known disorders of this individual”, the details of the disorder are deleted and replaced with just “affected”. For an example of this see (patient ID removed). The patient has HLRCC but when I re-open the pedigree this information is lost from the proband and from the key. This doesn’t happen when the diagnosis is chosen from the dropdown list, but we use free text here often.

Andrei Misyura: The cause of the bug is that patient form does not support free text diagnosis, and pedigree reloads/replaces data that patient form has for nodes linked to patients (since whatever was entered in pedigree may have been removed via patient form edits)

so the real solution is to either disallow free text in diagnosis in pedigree (possibly adding a separate free text field) or allow free text in patient form

it is possible to figure out that a diagnosis is "free text" and explicitly keep it even if loaded patient data doe snot have it, but that is inconsistent as we kind of promote pedigree editor as just another view into the data, and patient form wont have this free text because it does not support it

note that we do support free text phenotypes

Sergiu Dumitriu We should support free text diagnosis in the patient form, not sure why it is removed




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