Inconsistent shared family UI for view-only patient collaborators


Steps to replicate: User A gives User B view-only collaborative privileges on some patient that is part of a family record.

Expected Behaviour: User B sees that family record in their homepage's "FAMILIES SHARED WITH ME" gadget. They have view-only access to that record, and can view the patient's pedigree without being able to edit anything. Perhaps some sensitive information is missing from this pedigree due to privacy concerns, but User B can at least see instances of consanguinity, as well as which family members are affected by conditions observed in the patient of interest. Alternately, if User B should not be able to view the pedigree at all, the pedigree image is replaced with a message that communicates that they are not allowed to view the pedigree.

Actual Behaviour: The family record is not available in User B's "FAMILIES SHARED WITH ME" gadget, but they can still access the family record under the "Family history and pedigree" heading in the patient's record. The pedigree image is replaced with an image that says "Open pedigree" (typical of a patient record that is associated with a family record.) However, the open pedigree button cannot be clicked to open anything, even though the family record itself is accessible in a link above it. In other words, User B can view the family record in its entirety but:

1) they cannot view the pedigree at all, and

2) the family record does not show up as a shared family on their homepage and has to be accessed from the patient record itself.




Kat Pavlova
March 16, 2017, 9:04 PM

Suggestion: create a rights/permissions mode for family records that is view-only, and automatically assign it to all users who are view-only collaborators on any patients in the family.

A view-only mode for pedigree would also be optimal, as the thumbnail image loaded in the record is small and compressed. It can be downloaded as an SVG but there is a lot of valuable information that cannot be viewed from such an image. If view-only users should be blocked from viewing the pedigree, then the "open pedigree" image should be replaced with something more appropriate.



Marta Girdea


Kat Pavlova



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