Discuss: Uniform suggest panel that could be used for additional phenotypes based on measurements, patient survey and testimonials


Things to consider:

  • Clinician may want to investigate adding more phenotypes to the patient record based on the following sources: measurements, patient survey, patient testimonials and other suggestions.

  • The suggested phenotypes panel would present phenotype suggestions as per following categories:

    1. measurements (phenotypes that are result of abnormal measurements),

    2. surveys (phenotypes based on results from RConnect patient surveys),

    3. testimonials (phenotypes that resulted from RConnect patient's testimonial text mining),

    4. other (related phenotypes that are currently shown under the "YOU MAY WANT TO INVESTIGATE" panel)

  • The source(s) for the phenotype suggestion need(s) to be displayed next to/below the phenotype (same concept that we already have in Gene panels).

  • Clinician needs to be able to select specific phenotype from the list of suggestions ( N/A, Y and N options should be available). The selected phenotype will automatically be added to the Clinical symptoms and physical findings section of the patient form.

  • When designing consider potential usability elsewhere, as the new functionality should be applicable for the gene panels and diagnoses suggestions as well.

  • The new tool would be a functional hybrid of existing Gene Panels and Diagnoses suggestions that are already in place.

  • This way we may get rid of existing "YOU MAY WANT TO INVESTIGATE" panel and provide user with consistent way to select/deselect suggestions regardless of the source (gene panels, diagnoses, phenotypes). RConnect tab, if exists, would remain R/O.






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