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Discuss: missing functionality in family charts


Team discussion re:

  • A&W cannot be assigned to the group of people

  • ethnicities (user can edit ethnicities, however saving them doesn't work as both parents ethnicities are merged into one field). should we make ethnicities readOnly in PE until we figure the best solution out?

  • every time user clicks on a patient record link in PE, the new page opens up (this way the same patient record can be seen on a large number of pages - very confusing especially if changes were made). should we allow only one patient record page per PE session? if so how do we handle unsaved changes when switching between pedigree editor and patient record form?

  • similarly many PEs can be opened for the same pedigree

  • adding A&W, age and cause of death to the patient JSON export




Sasha Andjic


Sasha Andjic