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Better handling of push modal options when re-pushing a record that was removed from the remote server


Steps to reproduce:

  • make sure you have several users and user groups on the remote server

  • push a patient record to the remote server and assign it to a specific group

  • go to the remote server and delete the record that you just pushed

  • go back to the sender, log out and log in as a different user

  • push

  • notice the push dialog is stating that you are performing an update and won't allow you to modify the patient user group on the remote server, as it is not yet aware that the remote record is deleted

  • proceed with push, an error message appears at the bottom stating that your record was likely deleted on a remote server and gives you an option of pushing it as a bran new record

The problem: First time I assigned my patient record to the wrong group. Now I am unable to assign any group to my patient record on the remote end.




Andrew Misyura


Sasha Andjic