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Family history and pedigree section improvements


Improve the user interface in the Family history and pedigree section.

Family external identifier needs to be added following the same format as in the Patient record section.
Labels "FAMILY" and "PEDIGREE" are redundant and should be removed. The patient-family assignment functionality will be moved to the Pedigree editor, meaning the FamilyID field will no longer be editable in the section. The thumbnail image of the pedigree should be shown in the section rather than the full pedigree. This is important especially when pedigrees are marked as ones with sensitive information, in which case the pedigree thumbnail needs to be grayed out. Users should no longer need to open a pedigree in order to print it. This option will be available in the Family history and pedigree section as well.




Veronika Koltunova


Sasha Andjic