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Migrate old family studies data


We need to try and convert existing family studies into new ones, e.g. automatically create families and put persons who are specified as relatives into those families.

List of possible relations: Parent, Child, Sibling, Twin, Cousin, Aunt / Uncle, Niece / Nephew, Grandparent, Grandchild.
List for a pedigree auto-creation: Parent, Child, Sibling, Twin.

  • We can assume that migrator will run first.

  • If any of relations are not linked to a real existing patient, we skip this relation.

  • If a patient has a pedigree (and thus a family, already migrated by PT-2154), we add all relatives as comments for the pedigree node linked to the patient.

Next, all relatives are checked for "linkability". A relative is not "linkable" if at leastone of the following conditions is true:
– it has a pedigree/family
– it has relatives specified in family studies section
– it is owned by another user
– the relationship type is NOT one of Parent, Child, Sibling or Twin (e.g. we can not unambiguously assign the relative to a node in pedigree)

  • If all relatives are not linkable nothing is done.

  • If at least one relative is linkable, then we create a new family and a pedigree object, link all linkable relatives and mention all others in the comment for the pedigree node representing the patient.




Andrew Misyura


Andrew Misyura